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AI & Analytics

Automated analytics to make decisions based on fact.

Maximize the impact of your workforce with real-time, powerful, single-click analytics. Change your world from being backward focused to forward thinking.
Instant analytics screen one click from any view

Ai that's every Managers best friend.

Business modelling

Know which lever to pull for the highest possible positive impact on future success. Should you stop a project ½ way through? What if we swapped it with another project? What's the likely impact on delivery of your outcomes?

Issue Discovery

Everyone knows, in real-time, what to focus on when. Thery know what the burning issues are and what to deal with next. Get notified by SMS, Email, in App notifications. All real-time.

Its all in the detail

Underperforming for the last 3 periods? Getting worse? Missing an action plan or mitigating action? Planned last week and missed? Know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Your business management software crystal ball

Predictive analytics.

Ensure your solution is forward looking to really engage users in outturn performance encouraging the right actions to be created and tracked. InPhase delivers an incredible library of built-in one-click analytical functions.

Automatic performance threshold alerting

Making enterprise performance management easy


Need to report against specific control limits changing over time? Want this to be different to typical target based performance reporting? InPhase has turned Statistical Process Control into an easy deliverable for business managers.

Track any number of limit thresholds against your own specification limits to enable quick reaction to critical issues and breaches.

Performance range identification automatically

Future proof quality and performance


Incredible drag and drop business modelling enables you to prototype new ways of structuring the entire business, single teams or processes. See real-time the impacts re-modelling has on your outturn performance, direct from you one version of the truth.

Incredible business modelling and what if

Get intelligent warnings when they really matter

What If

Auto routing critical issues

Auto route from one version of the truth

"One version of the truth is the biggest benefit we have seen so far. We are slowly but surely getting away from the various different types of reporting coming from various different teams. Meaning that we have one number one figure that goes to our board that we don’t have to re justify."

a photo of rebecca taylor from mhs homes

Rebecca Taylor

Business Improvement Manager – MHS Homes
Awesome dashboard with predictive out-turn data

Building Blocks

AI & Analytics in InPhase bring together these building blocks...



Predicted Outturn

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Prediction Algorithms

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