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Housing Governance, Compliance and Assurance

Supercharge productivity and crush your goals

InPhase helps you to help more people, often on lower incomes who can’t afford to buy a home, rent, part-buy or just have a place they can call home.
  • Reduce the total rent lost through better management of void properties
  • Identify where likely to have issues with payment in the future – predict and manage rent arrears more effectively
  • See the impact of initiatives designed to reduce the number of void properties upon the critical KPI’s
  • Improve responsive and planned repairs performance, through better monitoring, management and control

Trusted by Housing Enterprises that want to make a difference...

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MHS Homes

"...we have one number, one figure that goes to our board that we don’t have to re-justify when we realise that we have reported different figures to our board, I think that’s probably the biggest change so far."
A Photo of rebecca taylor from MHS Homes

Rebecca Taylor

Business Improvement Manager - MHS Homes

Engaging governance, compliance and assurance

Empower everyone to play their part in success creation.

Yes. Everyone has an impact on company success, no matter what their position in the business, and our housing customers recognise this. Our customers are on a journey to create an empowered culture of ownership, accountability and collective improvement.

Always on business assurance

InPhase doesn’t forget, oversleep or take time off.

Automating repetitive tasks, reducing manual data collection, removing repetitive report production.

No, we're not removing humans totally, just the daily humdrum, soul crushing monotony that distracts you from being awesome.
A man at a laptop with the InPhase SMT dashboard on screen

Out-the-box housing solutions

A full range of Health Apps, ready to go.

Available individually or pick-and-mix integrating them into your single, unified, seamless solution.

Key Benefits


Performance and compliance shouldn’t be scary or a bore. Breaking big scary goals into lots of little wins, vests everyone into success and creates more opportunities for a "job well done".


Empower people to share, learn and support one another through better collaboration. Real time chats, notifications, escalations, check ins and succession planning create a genuine team culture of positive action.


Deliver personalised, relevant, real time alerts to everyone in the business so they constantly know where to focus attention and what the impact that attention can have.

Plus Dane Housing

"InPhase is helping us bring all our business activity and performance into one source, which will help us become more efficient and effective in the long run. Already we’re seeing an increase in productivity in our PMO, by removing spreadsheets and having one source for information. It’s reduced the time required in producing reports. What previously took hours to collate data takes 30 minutes to do now, and we can show live data at project boards, etc. and gives better insight to impact of changes on benefits and timelines allowing us to correctly assess change requests and prioritise our projects"

A photo of Ian Kelly from Plus Dane Housing

Ian Kelly

Head of Programmes and Performance Improvement - Plus Dane Housing

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