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Embracing the data revolution.

Local Government customers are creating around the InPhase solution, centres for expertise in analysing and interpreting data to deliver more, or the same for less expense.

So, how did we get here?

Robert Hobbs founded what is now InPhase in; proprietary multi-dimensional database and modelling technology
Developed the first commercial software product to support the Balanced Scorecard in for Nat West bank in project with Prof Kapln and Norton
Released TOMAS framework and PerformancePlusTM software
PerformancePlusTM software is made web-based
First Local authority customer
Launched InPhase BMS – integrated BI and EPM vision
Extended successfully into the NHS, Police and Fire
InPhase Vector (v14) – extended the connectivity sources and visualisations; more applicable, more useable, more attractive
InPhase Liberty (V15) – Enterprise mode released. Use InPhase on any browser
InPhase Halo (V16) – Built in reports and MyPage released

2019 brings the release of V17:Unity

The latest release is the most powerful upgrade to InPhase yet and comes with a complete redesign of the whole UI. If you want to see it, just get in touch and we'd be happy to give you a short demo of it!

“The business case for InPhase is straight forward. We are spending under £50,000 to manage and implement a £50 million savings programme.”

The InPhase solution delivers key benefits to Local Government

Cut costs and automate the process of performance and BI

Cut costs and automate the process of performance and BI

  • Rationalise 10's or even 100’s of disparate reporting systems and excel spreadsheets into a unified portal. Switch redundant standalone systems off.
  • Automate the data collection process.
  • Automate the report production processes.
  • Freeing critical teams to undertake analysis and identify critical improvement areas.
  • Streamline the process for sourcing, storing and using data, with much duplication and reliance on human effort rather than automation.

Make information more accessible

Make information more accessible

  • Find and leverage underutilised assets.
  • Leverage your data assets.
  • Local government data has recently been described as ‘the new oil’ (New Local Government Network, 2015 ); referencing its potential to generate income, enable efficiency savings, and stimulate investment and economic activity.
  • Faster, more accessible ad hoc queries that can be undertaken by your end users.
  • Get quickly to the root cause analysis of issues.

Make better decisions at all levels of the business

Make better decisions at all levels of the business

  • Put information in strategic context and understanding, presenting a consistent unified picture of performance. This makes actions really count.
  • Deliver a richer picture of information so decisions can be made based on more rounded fact.
  • Devolve decision making to empowered teams.
  • Mange programs killing off the least cost effective.
  • Deploy automated VFM analysis to ensure continual implement is being delivered.
  • Make business plans come to life, being living breathing entities that are reviewed weekly not annually.
  • Make decisions faster based on real-time information.
  • Supporting the agile business. On the fly management of critical issues from any location.
Fylde Borough Council

Fylde Borough Council

Case Study - Performance Management + BI

Fylde Borough Council serves the residents of Lytham and St. Annes on the coast of Lancashire. Fylde is a relatively affluent area and many of the residents are retired professionals who consistently demand high quality services from their Local Authority.

More on this Case Study

Super fast procurement.

InPhase is on GCloud, the easiest way for the public sector to precure software.

Bramble Hub are specialists in public sector contracts through UK Government frameworks. Bramble Hub work with InPhase because of their high levels of quality, expertise and innovation across many disciplines, geographies, capabilities and specialisms. Through Bramble InPhase is available on multiple procurement channels such as LASA and GCloud.

InPhase can also be purchased direct, via G-Cloud, and other partners.

The software has exceeded our expectations, using the easy to use features we have been able to embed all our Performance Measures, Service Plans, Audit and Risk actions to capture service delivery requests ‘once then use numerous times’ reducing duplication.

Allan Oldfield, Chief Executive, Fylde Borough Council

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