Fire Services

Manage your Fire Service and the publics interests.

From the brigade, through to districts, stations and watches, get a unified real time view of Fire Service Performance and actions.

Fire Performance Management

  • Alignment


    Align your organisational goals, outcomes and data sources for truly holistic management and analysis of the organisation and its aims.

  • Station Plans

    Station Plans

    Manages all aspects of your Station and Business Planning from capture to on-going management, with scrutiny and sign-off if required.

  • Impact Analysis

    Impact Analysis

    Track the impact of programmes and projects to ensure the delivery of benefits realisation. Are they are having a positive outcome on KPI’s such as the number of accidental dwelling fires, or fires attended where a smoke alarm was fitted?

  • Risk Mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    Monitor risk at both the corporate and service level. Pro-actively manage risk with mitigating actions and track their success and impact on your outcomes

  • Real time discussion

    Real time discussion

    Superb commentary capabilities allow users to discuss KPI’s, projects, risks and outcomes. For example, a station manager might explain the reasons for an increase in vehicle fires to their district lead, all within the software. Unlike a conversation or an email, the narrative is recorded and date stamped for later access if required

  • Action tracking

    Action tracking

    Actions can be created and managed within the system. All managers are aware of team workloads and can track the performance of each action and its impact upon aligned outcomes to help drive success.

Fire Reporting and Analytics

  • Proactive Notifications

    Proactive Notifications

    Automatically generated exception reports, and pro-active email notifications, allow your managers to focus efforts where they are most needed, keeping performance delivery at the core.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    With InPhase all information is presented in an incredibly clear and engaging way, supporting users with all levels of IT familiarity. For example, using simple self-service data pickers, anyone in the organisation can find the information that they need.

  • Alerting


    District managers and senior leaders can even receive pro-active notifications of KPI performance when they fall outside of tolerance and then escalate as needed.

  • Dashboards


    InPhase dashboards make reporting critical data incredibly simple for both the reporter and the consumer! Dashboards can be built and focussed upon the needs of each end user. So a station manager will see all of the KPI’s that are important to them on a daily basis.

    These will all be shown using engaging self-service visualisations and maps. The Chief Officer may want a simpler view for scrutiny of specific measures that are being delivered by the senior leadership team; infographics might be used as a powerful way to present critical data in an easy to read form.

  • Predicting the Future

    Predicting the Future

    Predicted outturn performance and bubble up reporting from stations means issues are flagged to the right people for action before critical events happen.

  • Self Service

    Self Service

    Self-service reporting is supported so that data-savvy operational managers have the ability to analyse their data on the fly, without having to wait for the central informatics team. Fixing the problem sooner reduces both the cost and the impact.

Fire Business Intelligence

  • All in One Place

    All in One Place

    All of your data sources in real-time; incident management/reporting systems, finance systems, operational databases, data warehouses and Excel, to name but a few.

  • Profiling and Targeting

    Profiling and Targeting

    Whether you report on KPI performance against targets, average values for your fire family group or using SPC techniques, InPhase can support them all.

  • Location Breaches

    Location Breaches

    Easy geospatial views of where 20 minute breaches occur, flagged real-time. Align to areas of deprivation or escalate if they happen where you least expect it to.

  • Data Mash Up

    Data Mash Up

    Mashing up, or blending, different data sources is incredibly easy. For example, within minutes you can combine data from your IRS concerning accidental dwelling fires with separately held data covering home fire safety checks and perhaps even demographic data for your area.

    This can be shown in a traditional tabular report, a dashboard visualisation or even a map, or perhaps all three!

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

Case Study - Performance Management + BI + Open Data

Launching our Business Intelligence System (VIPER) in April 2016, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service took a major leap forward in the availability of information and intelligence across the service.

More on this Case Study

Super fast procurement.

InPhase is on GCloud, the easiest way for the public sector to precure software.

Bramble Hub are specialists in public sector contracts through UK Government frameworks. Bramble Hub work with InPhase because of their high levels of quality, expertise and innovation across many disciplines, geographies, capabilities and specialisms. Through Bramble InPhase is available on multiple procurement channels such as LASA and GCloud.

InPhase can also be purchased direct, via G-Cloud, and other partners.

I found the system both easily accessible and, more importantly for me, straight forward to use.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

Recommended Fire apps.

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