Community Health

Enabling effective decisions to be made faster.

Easily identify and combine the evidence required to demonstrate effective performance as a business.

“InPhase enables us to seamlessly unite performance measurement across all areas of activity, contracts, patient experience, HR metrics and quality accounts”

The Health Sector loves InPhase

Here are the ways we work with Community Health Trusts...


Embed a system for managing evidence towards the production of Quality Accounts compliance against Care Quality Commission standards.


A virtual and secure data and document repository for front line service data which can roll up to give a view of performance from different perspectives, for different stakeholders.


Inform multiple stakeholders of progress towards achieving key performance indicators, milestones and projects including the Board, Commissioners, Service Managers and Service Users quickly and efficiently.

Multi party

Internal and external contracts and service level agreements.

Cultural change

Ensure greater accountability and ownership of performance issues by improved governance processes for business intelligence and data.


Improve the speed of business intelligence data flow with automation from existing transaction systems and data warehouses.


Automate the reporting processes ensuring maximum utilisation of skills within corporate functions, enabling them to focus more on service improvement and business development.


Quicker responses from service managers to any emerging trends or issues requiring escalation to senior management.


Align key performance indicators against key organisational strategies and service objectives.

InPhase does everything it says on the tin. By providing a single solution we are able to report a single version of the truth to all levels of management creating efficiencies and developing a performance culture throughout the whole organisation.

Deputy Head of Performance, Lincolnshire Community Health Services

Recommended Health apps.

A brief selection of apps that are perfect for the health sector.

A&E Dashboard

A&E Dashboard

A packaged applciation availble of the shelf covering data conncetivity to the PAS and site reporting.

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Intuitive web site to assess and update NICE Guidance and Quality Standards, with compliance, risk and assurance assessments, actions, evidence and audit documents.

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An intuitive portal where non techncial users can assess at Outcome and Prompt level. Different divisions can store their explanations and evidence distinctly, when they operate in different ways.

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