Specialists in aligning Housing Data, Reporting and Performance management.

From Board to transaction mash up data across Housing systems for improved Housing analytics.

One version of the truth


Create Performance Management, dashboards and reporting areas for each Service area such as Repairs, Voids and Income teams.


Combine KPI’s and team activity.

Cross Working

Combine operational metrics with HR and Finance.

Personal Performance

Cascade to individual performance and escalate up to corporate aims.

Reduce the Housing Associations total rent

Be analytical and a little bit geeky

Making some of the worlds most sophisticated statistics into a single click function means your users get to predict the future. From demand analysis, to financial forecasting and operational delivery timescales, analytics has never been easier.

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Benefits in Rent, Payment, Repairs and Tenant Satisfaction

  • Reduce the Housing Associations total rent lost

    Reduce the Housing Associations total rent lost

    Reduce the Housing Associations total rent lost through better management of void properties. Identify trends around geography, seasonality and type of property through InPhase BI reporting.

  • Reduce Void Properties

    Reduce Void Properties

    Implement and manage projects to address identified issues which are causing an increase in void properties. See the impact of initiatives designed to reduce the number of void properties upon the critical KPI’s.

  • Maintain and increase the rental income

    Maintain and increase the rental income

    InPhase will provide real time view of all Income Collection KPI’s enabling managers to quickly address any performance issues and improve collection rates.

  • Reduce rent arrears

    Reduce rent arrears

    Reduce rent arrears through improved analysis on where outstanding payments are due across the properties being managed, impacts caused by method of payment, type of property or household.

  • Economy


    Identify where likely to have issues with payment in the future – predict and manage rent arrears more effectively using forecasting, trend analysis and by bringing demographic data into play.

  • Tenant satisfaction

    Tenant satisfaction

    Tenant satisfaction is a key are that can be improved through increased performance management of the organisation.

  • Capita OPENHousing Data

    Capita OPENHousing Data

    Continuing with the idea of "one version of the truth" we've ensured you can pull data doem your Capita OPENHousing system as well as any other housing system that can export data to have a single place manage, analyse, report and action data from all over your organisation.

Tenant Satisfaction

Performance Reporting

Performance reporting on casework management of complaints and anti-social behaviour, whilst using the data to generate projects, actions and initiatives to address problems, will undoubtedly lead to better results, increased tenant satisfaction and safer estate.

Repairs Performance

Performance of the Repairs team is critical for Tenant satisfaction and of course InPhase can help the Housing Association improve responsive and planned repairs performance, through better monitoring, management and control.

Performance Publishing

Publishing performance data to tenants is a great way of increasing engagement and confidence that the HA is working to the benefit of its tenants, whilst continuously striving to improve services. InPhase will enable headline KPI’s to be published via your website, intranet or even printed out and displayed around the Community.

Case Study: Northampton Partnership Homes

On driving performance improvements for it's housing customers

Kathy Brooks (Strategy & Data Management Team Leader)

We interviewed Kathy Brooks, Strategy & Data Management Team Leader from Northampton Partnership Homes about facilitating the organisations’ change and driving performance improvements. Here’s how she explained the fundamental shift being implemented.

View Case Study

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