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Examples from some of the types of organisations using InPhase.

  • The Implementation of Inphase within our department has revolutionised our approach to performance management, supporting us to provide a robust evidence based service through attractive, easy to use , interactive reporting solutions.

    Ruth, Information Governance Performance Management Officer, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • NHS Stockport holds over 300 contracts with healthcare providers, so keeping track of data can be complicated and time-consuming. InPhase allows us to give staff easy access to the most up-to-date information.

    We also use the system for organisational risk management and to track performance on the internal projects we are running to make improvements. InPhase is the tool that allows us to correlate work from across different teams within the organisation and see the bigger picture.

    For me, this is the difference between the ability to provide information and intelligence in our Board reporting.

    Angela, Head of Strategic Development - NHS Stockport CCG
  • We love it, it’s incredibly easy to use, and saves us a ton of time. From answering FOI requests, councillors questions, visually showing how staff are contributing to our Corporate Plan, our portal ticks all boxes - being transparent online 24/7.

    If you're printing monthly or quarterly reports, you’re wasting time and money if you don’t have a Citizens Portal.

    Alex, Performance & Improvement Manager - Fylde Borough Council
  • InPhase does everything it says on the tin. By providing a single solution we are able to report a single version of the truth to all levels of management creating efficiencies and developing a performance culture throughout the whole organisation.

    Lincolnshire Community Health Services
  • InPhase BMS is an excellent toolbox for managing our changing business.

    Performance Manager, Thanet
  • Any company considering the implementation of two or more performance management tools (which will be any major enterprise) would be shooting itself in the foot if it did not pay serious attention to InPhase in the process.

    Bloor Research, Europe’s leading independent IT research
  • The application, which is totally integrated with MS Office is easy to understand and intuitive. No IT skills are prerequisite to set up a model and therefore organisations can actively alter their performance measurement tool according to the continuous changes in the business world.

    Judge Institute, Cambridge University
  • Following the tender process and site visits, it has become clear that InPhase is more than just a ‘measures database'. The ability to map objectives, services and plans means that InPhase is a very sophisticated performance management tool.

    Head of Performance and Scrutiny, Shropshire County Council
  • The inspector was very impressed with the citizen portal:-

    ‘The new Performance Portal shows Blaby's commitment to transparency regarding their performance. Performance against all 27 performance measures are made available to meet the scrutiny of the most discerning customers’

    We have found PORTAL easy to use and make changes especially now that the admin area has been refined.

    Jacqui, Performance & Systems Officer - Blaby District Council
  • Within 6 weeks, the system held the Council’s full corporate performance framework, key users were trained, data was entered, and reports were designed and produced.

    City Council
  • By inputting a minimal amount of information, InPhase was able to turn this into comprehensive reports - in other words the system does the work for you!

    Performance Manager, Lincolnshire County Council
  • I found the system both easily accessible and, more importantly for me, straight forward to use. Of particular benefit was the ability to look at performance and comments in respect of the previous quarters to ensure consistency as well as the ability to have access to reports summarising overall performance of a specific area.

    Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue
  • I would not hesitate to recommend InPhase as both the product and the people have exceeded my high expectations. Our organisation has embraced the new performance and project management system quickly and it has become the central vehicle for monitoring all of our strategic programmes and related projects. Keep up the good work InPhase!

    Berkshire East PCT

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