Volunteer Management


In todays world of connected communities, many public sector organisations and even commercial businesses reply on the support of volunteers. Working collaboratively, your on the move volunteers can update you on their actions and findings, completing forms directly into InPhase direct from an ipad or mobile device.

Clients such as the police use InPhase extensively for collecting data on custody suite visits. Councils on customer satisfaction data. Commercial clients for market research.


  • Communicate with volunteers real time directly inside InPhase chat environment.
  • Automatically sends out schedule reminders to volunteers
  • Track and report volunteer hours and input
  • Search and find key volunteers for particular events
  • Cloud based
  • Update over any device

Typical Business Benefits

  • Fast
  • Easy to use with no training for the volunteers
  • In build reporting for incredible visualisations
  • Link volunteer information directly to a project, risk or outcome to see the overall effect the volunteers are having on performance

Demo Video


  • Volunteer Reporting

    Volunteer Reporting

  • Volunteer Register

    Volunteer Register

  • Custody Suite Visit

    Custody Suite Visit

  • Volunteer Reporting
  • Volunteer Register
  • Custody Suite Visit

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