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With the VfM App you can see at a glance how effective any given business or service area is at improving its efficiency and Value for Money.

The VfM App produces a Value for Money improvement index, and three composite indices of improvement in Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

The methodology that is now embedded in this App was successfully used by a winner of the Most Improved Council of the Year Award. They received the highest rating in the country for VfM work from the Audit Commission, showcasing InPhase and the embedded methodology.

It is Tried, Tested and Approved.

The beauty of the App is that you can apply it to any service, or cost centre, or outcome. Every manager, director or member can have an easy to understand graphical dashboard of their VfM improvement over time, and the three composite indices for Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

However good, or bad, your service is relative to others, this App guarantees that you can see whether what you are doing is improving your VfM, or not.


The Economy improvement index tells you whether you are getting better or worse at managing the cost of resources your processes use.

The Efficiency improvement index tells you whether the changes you have made have improved your ability to produce deliverables from your processes.

The Effectiveness improvement index lets you see at a glance whether your deliverables are having an improved effect on your targeted outcomes.

The overall Value for Money improvement index shows you the complete picture of whether you are getting better or worse at turning staff and other resources into successful targeted outcomes.

Tha app also includes:

  • Single up or down chart show non-technical teams quickly and easily how they are getting on
  • Predicted outturn performance
  • Easy break back to see what’s causing issues in delivering VfM over time

Typical Business Benefits

In an environment where there is a vast need to deliver efficiency improvements across the board there is no other information tool available that will deliver an instant analysis of your progress and areas in need of development.

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  • CEO Dashboard

    CEO Dashboard

  • Risk


  • Finance


  • CEO Dashboard
  • Risk
  • Finance

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