Programme & Projects Management


Capture, track and manage projects, their projected success, actual success and lessons learnt. Share methodology, processes and assure yourself of better, well managed projects.


Designed to bring the whole team together on one unified platform, enabled them to consider all aspects of implementing and deploying Projects and Programmes.

  • Capture, track and implement ideas that can evolve to become projects
  • Create hot ideas!
  • Give projects clear prioritisation and align resources accordingly
  • Clearly see the effect projects can have across departments, teams and even suppliers and third parties.
  • Ensure projects are more successful and mitigate risks quickly
  • See real time project data to react quickly to issues
  • Use predictive analysis and root cause to head off issues early
  • Define clear accountability and responsibility for each aspect of the project
  • Discuss and collaborate with your virtual teams real-time
  • Email notifications and triggers ensure everyone sees what they need to do when
  • Burn down charts give clear visibility of on time performance

Typical Business Benefits

  • Saves time, money and drives more successful projects
  • Support for the entire project cycle
  • Fun and easy for project managers and business managers to use
  • Easy capture and stage gating of projects
  • Holistic and all encompassing view of projects straight out of the box from InPhase
  • Supports multiple approaches to project management simultaneously so you can have light projects or Prince II projects in one solution

Demo Video


  • Project by Theme

    Project by Theme

  • Project Matrix

    Project Matrix

  • Project Register

    Project Register

  • Project by Theme
  • Project Matrix
  • Project Register

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