This special quality assurance App gives you peace of mind that you have accountability and visibility, in the most rigorous and efficient way, of your compliance with the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission.. and makes it super easy!

Our on line App helps you to put the CQC quality monitoring standard at the heart of your performance. If you want a really effective way of realistically and honestly tracking your self-assessment across services and locations – InPhase is the solution for you.

The on-line secure App is designed so that staff can access, update, add commentary and attach evidence on the outcomes at each location.

The solution is a single hub to capture evidence, which is visible across the entire organisation at the click of a button.

Authorised users can log in at any time of day or night and use the system live with Inspectors to demonstrate the excellent work you are doing to deliver quality of care to the patient.

The InPhase CQC solution makes it so much easier for you to meet and exceed the exceptional level of quality you have been aspiring towards.


Built based upon the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety documentation, the template includes the ability to select a location to review or assess compliance, or pick a summary report:

  • Choose the services types that apply for each location
  • Provide contact information for each Outcome
  • Assess compliance with each Outcome
  • View, report on and check the CQC guidance documentation
  • Easily make an assessment choosing from 1 of 4 compliance levels for each Outcome
  • Attach comments, evidence and action plans and other relevant documents

As with all of our Apps, easy to use reports that meet your needs have been created for you:

  • A summary view by Section - Here the alerts for each Section correspond to the minimum level of compliance achieved for that Section i.e. Red (level 1) compliance indicates that at least 1 Outcome in a Section has major concerns, while an amber (level 2) informs that there are no areas of major concern but at least 1 outcome has moderate concerns, and so on.
  • The latest assessments for all outcomes at a location, together with commentary and document links.
  • The Locations Structure Map Layout giving a snapshot of overall compliance across all Locations.
  • A summary of applicable service types by location.
  • All areas of Major Concern across all locations.

Typical Business Benefits

  • Automate and streamline the process of CQC
  • Deliver an integrated approach to quality and performance is indeed very modern and enables us to pinpoint issues as early as possible.
  • The solution will output audit trails and provide the evidence needed by CQC auditors.
  • Dramatic ease of use improvement across all users and contributors to the CQC process.
  • 1 – 2 days per month reduction in chasing of data and evidence.
  • Collation of ad hoc information for inspections, evidencing, compliance.
  • Replacing existing manual data input processes will improve productivity by eliminating existing bottlenecks in month end processes for updating information.
  • Eliminate time spent by the Governance department maintaining manual.
  • Align activity to other frameworks including NICE and CEF.
  • Create multiple what if scenarios and view of CQC.
  • When given permissions to do so, Inspectors can access the tool live on site when undertaking an inspection.
  • The solution is a single hub to capture evidence, which is visible across the entire organization at the click of a button.
  • A virtual and secure online repository would be made available for staff to store CQC evidence therefore reducing the risk of failing to comply with the CQC outcomes framework.
  • By adopting InPhase BMS: CQC Essential Standards app, the Trust will have in place a structured, purpose built approach ensuring, accountability and visibility, in the most rigorous and efficient way.

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