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Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust stands as a prominent provider of community healthcare services in the United Kingdom, serving a population exceeding 1.2 million residents across the Greater Birmingham. With a workforce surpassing 5,200 dedicated staff members, Birmingham Community boasts a rich history of over 14 years of delivering essential care services across a diverse range of clinical divisions. Birmingham Community is committed to upholding its core values of excellence, integrity, and equity while delivering high-quality care and services to its patients.

Find out what Birmingham Community were able to achieve during the incredible stress of COVID-19, recovery and beyond with InPhase supporting the incredible hard work of their dedicated team.

Ashley Murtagh - Director of Performance, Contracting & Information at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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“[We’ve] been able to do all this customisation has been an absolute godsend for us, because now it's available for everybody.”

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Case Study

Prior to implementing InPhase, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust encountered challenges in consolidating and analysing data from various sources, leading to inefficiencies in reporting and decision-making processes.

In 2021, Birmingham Community migrated to InPhase. Over the last 3 years, InPhase has enabled Birmingham Community to consolidate, organise and present performance data in a clear and easy-to-understand manner and pull through external data from incidents, risks, claims, complaints, audits, CQC quality and other areas for a comprehensive overview of performance organisation-wide.

Birmingham Community now experiences enhanced reporting capabilities from InPhase, even with something as simple as having a count of performance measures displaying underperforming in red. Birmingham Community can quickly and easily identify areas for improvement at a glance and create an action plan directly linked to an underperforming measure. This can then be tracked and monitored as things progress. These plans can also be exported into a printable report to assure the Board that there is effective action being taken to improve. This makes compiling data for and completing the 43-page QPR report a much more streamlined and consistent process for Birmingham Community.

“It's consistent, building the board reports going forward. The end users can look at it now, and they can see what the current state of play is within the Board Report in InPhase. And also, the one beauty of that is the fact that the charts automatically update within Microsoft word without having to re-copy and paste each chart - it saved us a lot of time.”

Sharron Westly - Performance Support Manager

Through powerful integration, InPhase apps ‘communicate’ with each other, sharing data and displaying it in multiple places for the best oversight. From the Performance dashboards, Birmingham Community can see all performance metrics, auto-populated from different areas within the system. This includes incidents, risks, claims, complaints, audits, CQC quality and more, eliminating the need to enter duplicate data sets or manually copying data across. This saves the Trust vast amounts of time on data collection and analysis. Any data entered can be linked to multiple measures and will appear in that measure’s dashboards for reporting.

In addition to this, each measure is attached to Executive Stakeholders who can now effectively monitor performance metrics effectively and make data-driven decisions. They can now view their measures, in one single place, for the last 12 months; identifying trends and having assurance that improvement measures are underway. Attached to this is an explainer and divisional explainer to keep measure definitions clear and consistent. This allows a single point of reference for new board members to be brought up to speed quickly, encompassing them in to the organisation performance improvement culture from the beginning.

In a relatively short time frame, Birmingham Community went live with 7 healthcare scorecards – quite a notable feat with the sheer number of measures that needed to be moved across. In 4 months, from October 2023 to January 2024 alone, Birmingham Community increased their visualisations by 250%, from 2000 to over 5000 with a team of just 4 people, highlighting how quick and easy customisation is within InPhase.

“We have now developed all of these areas, which is quite phenomenal.”

Sharron Westly - Performance Support Manager

InPhase provides an easily customisable platform that enables users to make the changes required with immediate effect, ready to be used by the wider organisation. By giving Birmingham the power to make these changes, InPhase enables them to be completely in charge of the visible data. In addition, it facilitates the rapid growth of visualisations that support Birmingham in developing the comprehensive oversight of performance they want.

InPhase has emerged as a transformative solution for Birmingham Community Healthcare Trust, revolutionising its quality assurance and management practices. By harnessing the power of InPhase, Birmingham Community has achieved greater efficiency, transparency, and collaboration, positioning itself for sustained success in delivering high-quality healthcare services to its communities.

Birmingham Community NHS Foundation Trust

Find out what Birmingham Community were able to achieve during the incredible stress of COVID-19, recovery and beyond with InPhase supporting the incredible hard work of their dedicated team.

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