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Bracknell Forest Borough Council is the local authority of Bracknell Forest in Berkshire, England. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. It consists of 42 councillors that are elected from 18 wards.

John Ainsworth, Policy and Partnerships Manager, on why they purchased InPhase, the benefits they're getting from it and what benefits they see in the future.

John Ainsworth - Policy and Partnerships Manager
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"For us InPhase was really the only solution, as a local authority there really isn’t anything else out there, that provides what we need doing..."

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What issues were Bracknell Forest having before InPhase?

Before InPhase, we had performance management system, that really was not doing what we needed it to do in terms of performance management, in terms of seeing what the organisation management information is, and getting a real insight into how we are performing, it wasn’t interactive, it wasn’t modern. All the modern requirements you have of a system we didn’t have access to, so we had poor insight into what’s really happening in the organisation.

What made you purchase InPhase?

For us InPhase was really the only solution, as a local authority there really isn’t anything else out there, that provides what we need doing, and so the whole structure providing objects, where you can map your strategic goals and all that kind of thing, that is the essential ingredient really, so that is the main selling point. The interactivity, features, all that is just bonus.

What do you use InPhase for? What plans do you have for the future?

We use InPhase for corporate performance management at the moment, so tracking the organisations corporate goals. In the future there is potential to use it for smaller projects, to track performance, track progress. All kinds of possibilities, to measure performance in projects in smaller service areas of any size really. The potential is endless.

What benefits are you currently getting from InPhase and what other benefits do you see in the future?

It’s really easy to use now, so the user experience is really good. People find it easy to use, they can get in and out do their thing fast. In terms of communicating information fast, its good. People can just have a quick look and get access to the information they need as quickly as possible, it’s just a quicker easier progress to do performance management.

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