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A&E Dashboard App

A&E Dashboards & Reporting

Better meet your A&E targets and not because attendances have gone away!
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Current A&E Waiting Time
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Age Demographics

Site wide in under 8 weeks

Provide A&E staff with a real-time dashboard on attendances in emergency departments so they have better visibility of the causes of pressure in the department. Long term data retention enables Trusts to identify peaks and troughs in the department, such as those that might be associated with bad weather.
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Available anywhere

Real time data on PC, desktop, mobile, tablets or wall-mounted displays, for A&E, clinical department and management suite users. You can also display the same or a subset of real-time data to waiting patients and even the public over your own web site. Delivering A&E real-time data to care homes, GP surgeries as well as the general public.
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"Adding incredible value to your Trust, the intelligent A&E App is deployable by INPHASE within 8 weeks at a stand alone cost of £15,000 per site, per annum. "
Andrew Bingham, VP Health & Customer Success - InPhase

Metrics of the real time dashboard:

Icon of A&E Dashboard live issues alerting

Live status alerting

Icon of A&E Dashboard current A&E wait time

Current A&E wait time

Icon of A&E total patient in department

Total patients in department

Latest guidance loaded and configured for your organisation.
Icon of A&E total patients awaiting a doctor

Total patients awaiting a doctor

Icon of A&E latest average wit times for a doctor

Latest average wait times for a doctor

Icon of A&E bed blocking

Total bed blocking patients

Icon of A&E current wait times

Longest current wait for admissions (m)

Icon of A&E age demographics

Age demographics


  • Public Access for your web site to share real time waiting times with the public
  • Easy access to the dashboard for all your stakeholders around the Trust from the CEO’s laptop to TV screens around the hospital sites
  • Optional integrated A&E public access ticker alongside other subscribing A&E departments.
  • Easy to use with intuitive and easy styling
  • Useful and actionable information to clinicians
  • Ensure targets are met and patient care remains high

What happens next?

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