Crisis Management

Covid-19 Action Succession Plans

Real-time roll over of actions from one team member to another as staff are available or not.

Covid-19 Check In

Easy daily check-in for staff during a crisis for real-time availability reporting.

Covid-19 Crisis Dashboard

Understand where you're on track to have staff shortages and understand in real-time the health and availability of your staff.

Covid-19 Crisis Page

See your priority action plans, collaborate, handle escalations and see the availability of your staff in one place!

Covid-19 Critical Actions

Escalate, succession plan, park and manage actions through the business from one team member to another.

Covid-19 MyActions Dashboard

See a consolidated view of critical actions, issues, what's overdue and normal-everyday tasks.

Covid-19 Risks Dashboard

Managing risks and the subsequent decisions and actions is critical at any time, but especially during a crisis.

Decision Tracking

Full tracking, management and real-time discussion around the decisions being made.

Performance Popup

A quick look at the powerful Performance Popup inside InPhase.

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