Back to work policy

Are you and your teams ready for your new normal? Implement, audit and track the success of your “new normal” including the back to work policy.

Covid-19 Action Succession Plans

Real-time roll over of actions from one team member to another as staff are available or not.

Covid-19 Capacity Dashboard

In a single dashboard understand the wellness of your team and start planning for potential staff shortages.

Covid-19 Check In

Easy daily check-in for staff during a crisis for real-time availability reporting.

Covid-19 Crisis Dashboard

Understand where you're on track to have staff shortages and understand in real-time the health and availability of your staff.

Covid-19 Crisis Page

See your priority action plans, collaborate, handle escalations and see the availability of your staff in one place!

Covid-19 Critical Actions

Escalate, succession plan, park and manage actions through the business from one team member to another.

Covid-19 MyActions Dashboard

See a consolidated view of critical actions, issues, what's overdue and normal-everyday tasks.

Covid-19 Risks Dashboard

Managing risks and the subsequent decisions and actions is critical at any time, but especially during a crisis.

Decision Tracking

Full tracking, management and real-time discussion around the decisions being made.

Getting back to work

InPhase is the workplace platform that nurtures performance and productivity, ensuring everyone can quickly start working on a new direction, targets, commitments, and risks.

MyInPhase Actions

InPhase autoroutes the actions, projects, risks, decisions, ideas and crisis priorities you are responsible for, direct to your personal portal.

Performance Popup

A quick look at the powerful Performance Popup inside InPhase.

Working Under Pressure

InPhase is a joined up workplace platform that engages and connects your users, whilst nurturing performance and productivity.

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