Finally, the ability to integrate PMO with business management

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Finally, the ability to integrate PMO with business management
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There is a shift we have seen by our customers to integrating the Project Office reporting and information into the overall enterprise performance management of the organisation.

The Project Office is often the real driving force for change and improvement in any organisation. From complete transformation with mergers, restructures, divestments, to major asset change, to process changes, to specific operational projects.

No one says – we need to change, lets carry on operating in the same way as we are. Almost every organisation says – we need to change xyz, lets set up a project to do it.

When we look specifically at the modern improvements in the PMO that our customers want to achieve, they fall into 3 main categories.

Firstly - reduce the actual cost of PMO,

Secondly - get better value from the PMO, and

Thirdly, the most interesting one for this presentation – engage with the business managers better, to enable the business to improve their understanding of the projects underway, their purpose, their progress and integrate meaningful project knowledge into every managers decision making.

Organisations each have their own evolved way of creating, progressing, managing and reporting projects that suits them.

As InPhase PMO is built with the InPhase toolset, it has a very high level of configurability, as well as providing template approaches, dashboards and reports.

Every slide includes notes to follow along with, you can download the full PowerPoint deck below:

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Robert Hobbs

Robert Hobbs

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