Press Release: Stevenage Borough Council contract integrated business management software to InPhase


Press Release: Stevenage Borough Council contract integrated business management software to InPhase

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Buckinghamshire, January 2017 – Leading Business Intelligence and Performance vendor InPhase, has won a two-year contract to provide integrated business management software for Stevenage Borough Council.

The deal will see InPhase supporting all key stakeholder groups at the Council including the Chief Executive, board members, elected members, service manager’s, partner’s and even the public, providing access to a diverse range of timely, well presented performance information, including real time data.

This will deliver for the Council a modernised central integrated repository from which better informed, faster decisions can be made based on an evidence-led intelligence approach.

The solution will provide in a first phase, a series of board level corporate health dashboards and reporting solutions, incorporating financial and KPI measures, exceptions, projects and risks. The solution will subsequently be cascaded down to department and service plan reporting levels.

The solution deployed will connect to existing sources of business data, including line of business applications, delivering personal interactive dashboards so the board and business managers are presented with information exactly how they need to see it.

Encompassing a strategic web portal that captures a multi-dimensional view of the business, users can drill down to detailed information from summary reports, charts or dashboards to analyse and manipulate business data and understand cause and effect relationships across the business.

Robert Hobbs, CEO, InPhase, said: “We are excited to be selected by such a progressive council determined to improve the life of the residents of Stevenage though robust effective transformation programmes and service delivery. To be supporting the Council and its residents, applying our expertise in business management will I’m sure create a long term, flexible and successful partnership between INPHASE and the Council.”

Simon Speller, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Co-Operative Council at Stevenage Borough Council, said: “As a co-operative council we are always looking at ways to better serve the needs of our customers, partners and staff. I’m pleased to be working closely with InPhase and I’m confident that our joint project will give us access to clearer insight and intelligence about our work. This will lead to improved working processes, better business outcomes and excellent customer service.”


Note to Editors

With over 25 years experience, InPhase represents the latest frontier in business management, specialising in combining market leading functionality with ease of use.

InPhase supports clients in going beyond traditional data connectivity to blend the operational data sets users want to see into combined analytical views, delivering totally new performance insights.

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