Manage your InPhase implementation in InPhase itself

Use the great project management features inside InPhase to help roll the system out to the rest of your organisation

Manage your InPhase implementation in InPhase itself

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When embarking upon your first implementation project with Inphase, it’s a good idea to decide what you would like to build first, i.e. Phase I of your Inphase project. This may already be defined in your PID, or other project documentation.

You could set up part of your InPhase model to manage your InPhase implementation project – a dedicated Briefing Book, with objects relating to each phase of the project, together with tasks, actions, key measures, risks, benefits, people (the implementation team members and other stakeholders).

Include progress reports, commentary, a Q&A area, lessons learned, feedback (including feedback from real end-users as the system goes live), project documentation (attached to the project objects and available by clicking on a link on an InPhase page) and project news & updates.

Refer back to the business benefits as defined in the PID, Business Case (for implementing InPhase), or other terms of reference, and track progress against these.

Change requests and enhancement requests could also be captured within InPhase itself, ensuring a single point for recording these, with visibility for all.

This approach would:

  • Provide easy to set up and use light-touch web-based project management of your InPhase implementation
  • Instil a culture of transparency and collaborative working for all things InPhase
  • Give you an opportunity to create something simple and valuable in Inphase, immediately following your InPhase training

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