Covid-19 Crisis Management Software

Brilliantly Managing Crisis and Change.

Real-time availability of staff with automatic reassignment of critical actions from one team member to another.

Decision Tracker | Automated Succession | Issue and Action Escalation | Virtual Command Centre | Risk Management and Mitigation

Keep operating throughout the Crisis

Ensuring you can better manage your organisation with mobile staff health check-in and reporting, crisis action, decision trackers and risk management. Especially designed for NHS, private health, social care, fire, ambulance and critical commercial businesses.

Critical COVID-19 customer software announcement

Everyone working in the same direction at the same time, from the same single real time version of the truth.

My Team

My Team

Know what percentage of each team are fully operational, partially operational or completely out of action. Quick Phone update by staff each morning or shift.
My Crisis Action Centre

My Crisis Action Centre

Streamline and safeguard your critical actions by orchestrating all crisis activities, by Command, by team and by individual.
My Changing Resources

My Changing Resources

Priority action failover succession. Automatically re-route priority actions from ‘out of action’ to fully or partially operational staff.
My Escalation

My Escalation

Manual and automated escalation of critical issues and actions to management and Command hierarchy.
My Decision

My Decision

Facilitates fast and accurate capture and tracking of all decisions that are being made including their short- and long-term impact.
My Command Room

My Command Room

Hierarchy of real-time virtual Command rooms for Gold – Silver – Bronze Commanders (strategic, tactical and operational) team leaders and individuals.
My Risk

My Risk

A centralised single version of the truth with clear indication of what needs most attention. Includes risk creation, assessment, alignment, mitigation, delivery and management.
My Training

My Training

Rapid identification of the training people need to fill gaps in delivery of business actions during times of crisis. Personalised tracking of training progress, and aggregated reporting of progress....

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Cloud software for Crisis and post event action, governance, risk, compliance, project and outcome continuity and assurance.

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    Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Case Study

    Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service serves a population of more than 800,000 in the South East of England. The area stretches from the outskirts of London to the South Midlands. It comprises the four districts of Buckinghamshire (Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe) and Milton Keynes.

    Before InPhase, what were your key issues and challenges within the organisation?

    The provision of a Business Intelligence System that allowed access to all employees giving them the opportunity to view and comment on key performance areas and the ability to source information in a format that could support local initiatives. Coupled with this, was the need to instil a performance culture that enabled individuals to identify the role they played in delivering our service.

    As we introduced InPhase there was a noticeable cultural shift as the whole Service became very focused on facts and information.

    Describe the process of you working with the team to build InPhase?

    As we started to work with InPhase, we were already very self-aware. We knew what we wanted to do. We had our plan; we knew what we wanted to measure and the systems we needed to link into InPhase. From this solid foundation, InPhase has delivered very dynamic and holistic business insights.

    The solution has allowed us to provide live information. Yes, you can carry out some basic analysis, but it is more about the business intelligence and having real-time access and therefore not a snapshot at any one time.

    Sounds amazing but how does it all work?

    InPhase has become a key element within our governance structure. We use the live system to present information to our Performance Management Board and Executive Board. This allows us to address and delve deeper into the system to address the questions presented during these meetings.

    Notably, feedback from our senior management team has been very positive.

    There is a wealth of information available across the service from InPhase and it is noticeable the positive impact this has had and continues to have on performance and subsequently a positive culture shift. We do some really good work across the organisation, but we were not so good in evidencing this. InPhase gave us the ability to change this and we continue to improve as our people identify the benefits that come from sharing best practice.

    We have to say, we love having the flexibility to manage and evolve our implementation ourselves and it is a real strength of the system that we can flex it to meet the changing demands of the Service – but please be aware of your own success! The more we build and develop, so too does the interest and expectations of our Service!

    If you could summarise the benefits to you and your organisation what would they be?

    We have achieved many significant benefits from using InPhase.

    A great example is where one team explored investing in a system we already had to make minor enhancements. These minor changes would deliver information required for managing our assets. Unfortunately the service provider quoted significant cost and time to deliver. Using InPhase, we provided the team with the live information they wanted…and it was more than their original spec! We even added real-time geographic asset tracking. This was all done within a day and saved circa £20k. Every service that has now seen this, has said they want it too!

    As we introduced InPhase there was a noticeable cultural shift as the whole Service became very focused on facts and information.

    Craig Newman - Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

    Another great example is the speed at which our Incident Reports are now completed. Normally it would take us a couple of months at the end of the year to get our reporting completed. Last year, by the second day in April, we had all our reporting in. InPhase has saved us days and weeks of time.

    They say “what gets measured gets done” and it’s true! We show turn-out-times (time to the fire) on an internal dashboard that has led to improved performance! It has not been about just actual improvement (i.e. getting quicker), but the fact that they have sight of their data, they naturally spend more time insuring it is right. If there is a problem with a recording of a time, they ensure it is corrected.

    As you can see, the visualisation and transparency of information has had a big impact on the way everyone works. Overall, I would say the biggest improvement has been the cultural shift. Previously, performance was seen as a thorny science. People would spend time to try and unpick the information, often mistrusting it. Now, there is belief in the data and information. People understand performance and ask the right questions and it’s a natural part of their day jobs.

    We even added real-time geographic asset tracking of the fire pump locations. This was all done within a day and saved circa £20k.

    Craig Newman - Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

    What would you do, if you were told that InPhase was being taken away?

    It would be awful! We couldn’t manage with nothing!

    We would struggle to evidence what we have done, what we are doing and what we plan to do (and why!). The time to write reports would be astronomical. Today, most people do not come to us for information - They go to InPhase!

    What is like working with InPhase the company?

    We love the way InPhase as a company approaches its product. They listen to the customer and are constantly innovating and in doing so, identify sector expectations, whether that is new or revised frameworks or inspection programmes early on with the inevitable templates designed and ready for their customers. InPhase are very customer focused and approachable and take on new customer requirements.

    See what our customers have to say

    • Craig Newman

      Craig Newman

      Data Intelligence Team Manager @ Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue
      "Simply put, our information and performance culture improved dramatically."

      On Capterra

    • InPhase Government User

      InPhase Government User

      Strategy and Performance Manager
      "Has facilitated much more meaningful, dynamic and focused conversations about performance at every level in the organisation."

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    • Alex Scrivens

      Alex Scrivens

      Performance & Improvement Manager @ Fylde Borough Council
      "InPhase has proved to be a superb value for money performance management solution."

      On Capterra

    • Tobin Stephenson

      Tobin Stephenson

      Head of Knowledge and Insight @ Central Bedfordshire Council
      "The external portal that we are about to launch is an excellent way for us to get key performance measures into the public domain. "

      On Capterra

    • Andy Tailor

      Andy Tailor

      Head of Sales @ Equation Associates
      "The product is incredibly flexible and manages the entire process of business performance and BI is a single integrated cycle."

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    • Emma Carvell

      Emma Carvell

      Clinical Programme manager SAFE
      "The tool has offered us more than we had initially hoped and the scope keeps growing. The benefits of the tool is that it is open and transparent for all staff to view compliance."

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